Rules & Regulations

1. Test fees

The following is the test fee for EACH test taker (to be either paid by the test taker or the organization):

  • RMB¥ 600- Registration Fee- One TOEFL® ITP tests

    – One Score Report (if applicable)

    – One TOEFL® ITP tests Certificate (if applicable)

  • RMB¥ 50 Rescheduling Fee (per request)
  • RMB¥ 80 Re-issuance of Each Additional Copy of Score Report
  • RMB¥ 200Re-issuance of a TOEFL® ITP tests certificate
  • RMB¥ 50 Test Cancellation Application

2. Payment Terms & Procedures

  • 2.1All test fees must be paid in full before the test.
  • 2.2Test fees can be paid by cheque. Please contact the test application center for further details. A receipt will be provided to each test taker on request; otherwise the score report and TOEFL® ITP tests certificate will be considered as the payment receipt as well.

3. Test Information

  • 3.1Examinees can visit the official website to download the Examinee Handbooks. The handbook is designed to provide examinees with information about the test, including the question types and sample practice questions.

4. Test Day Rules and Regulations

  • 4.1All test takers must report to the test center at thirty (30) minutes before the test begins.
  • 4.2All test takers must have an acceptable and valid ID with a signature and photograph (e.g. passport, ID card, drivers license) to be admitted to the test center. Identification requirements are strictly enforced.
  • 4.3Take 3 or 4 sharpened soft-lead (2B or HB) pencils and a good eraser. Pencils and erasers will not be supplied at the test center. Mechanical pencils and pens are not permitted.
  • 4.4No test taker will be admitted after test materials have been distributed.
  • 4.5Books, dictionaries, papers, notes, rulers, calculators, watch alarms, mobile phones, listening devices, recording or photographic equipment, highlighters, or aids of any kind are not allowed in the testing room.
  • 4.6Paper of any kind is not permitted in the testing room.
  • 4.7Test takers must not mark or underline words, or make notes in the test book or on the answer sheet.
  • 4.8Test takers must have the test supervisor or proctor’s permission to leave the testing room. Any lost time cannot be made up.
  • 4.9There is no scheduled break during the test. Without permission, test takers must not leave the testing room or submit their answer sheets during the test. Violators will not receive their test scores or a refund. If a test taker must leave the testing room, he/she is required to give the test supervisor or proctor his/her identification document(s) before he/she leaves the room. The test taker will not be permitted to make up the time that he/she loses.
  • 4.10At the end of the test, test takers must remain in their seats for the test supervisor or proctor to collect all the test materials, and check the test books and answer sheets.
  • 4.11Smart Education has the final decisions on all aspects of the TOEFL® ITP tests on the test day.

5. Test Results and Certificates

  • 5.1If a test taker completes the test and does not have any violations, his/her test results will be issued by ETS®. Test results will be released within fifteen (15) working days of the test administration.
  • 5.2Test-takers who score more than 460 points will receive a TOEFL® ITP tests Certificate (issued by ETS) and a Score Report that have contains explanation of abilities measured and percentage answered correctly in each skill area.
  • 5.3The TOEFL® ITP tests reports are valid for two (2) years and can be verified on a global basis.

6. Test Rescheduling

  • 6.1If a test taker wants to reschedule his/her test date after the registration, the test taker must complete the rescheduling procedure at least fourteen (14) working days before the original test date.
  • 6.2The new schedule date must be within three (3) months from the original test date.
  • 6.3There is a handling charge of HK$50 for each rescheduling request. If a request is not received fourteen (14) working days before the original test date, it will not be accepted.
  • 6.4There will be NO refund for test takers who fail to show up for the test or fail to cancel their test registration.
  • 6.5In cases of illness or other unavoidable reasons where the test taker is unable to take the TOEFL® ITP tests on the test day, he/she must immediately contact the organization. The test taker will be arranged to attend the next TOEFL® ITP tests to be conducted on-site.
  • 6.6In cases of severe weather conditions (Red or Black rainstorm warning signal or Number 8 or above typhoon signal issued by the Hong Kong Observatory), Smart Education & the organization will follow the directions given by the Observatory and the Ministry of Education of each province and cancel the related TOEFL® ITP tests. Smart Education and the organization will agree on a later date for a make-up test within three months from the test day. Test cancellation will not be arranged.
  • 6.7If under circumstances that cannot be controlled by Smart Education or the organization (such as instances of natural disasters, epidemics, or similar situations), and the organization cannot continue with the program, and is therefore forced to suspend the TOEFL® ITP tests, Smart Education and the organization must, in their commercially reasonable efforts, negotiate and agree on the arrangements of the make-up test that must be made within three months of the test suspension announcement. Test cancellation will not be arranged.

7. Test Cancellation

  • 7.1After the test registration, in cases of illness or other unavoidable reasons which the test taker is unable to take the TOEFL® ITP test on the test day and must cancel the registration, he/she can contact the organization and provide the related official evidence to cancel the test registration. The cancellation application will not be accepted if the test taker fails to provide the related official evidence.
  • 7.2The test cancellation application must be requested fourteen (14) working days before the test date. There is a handling charge of HK$50 for the cancellation request.
  • 7.3The test cancellation application will not be considered if the test taker fails to show up for the test on the test day.